downhill downriver downtown
Site specific - dance performance tours in cities and nature. With a proactive public that moves along, these performance tours lead over hills, along rivers, through buildings and streets. Throughout this walks we test locomotion strategies and instincts of humans and animals and make them tangible. By making the path to our destination, we expose and explore the 'condition humaine'. We guide you through the cities and nature while you take the role of both: audience as well as active companion. We guarantee: change of perspective!     
next tour: downtown Zürich 2017 in the Festival Zürich tanzt 
6. Mai 2017, 12:00-13:30 
7. Mai 2017, 16:00-17:30
starting point:
 Kulturhaus Helferei, Zürich       
end: Münsterhof, Zürich  

with Andrea Boll, Ivan Blagajcevic, Chris de Feyter, Berit Jentzsch, Federica Normanno, Debora Rush, Benji Sunarjo, Paulien Truijen AND you tour-participants 
through the streets of Zurich's old town: locomotion-sequence  
on squares (Lindenhof, Weinplatz, Münsterhof): poetic choero’s  

Starting point: Kulturhaus Helferei   
end: Münsterhof  

downhill downriver downtown    
idea: Andrea Boll & Melissa Ellberger 
concept: Andrea Boll 
track-concept: Andrea Boll & Frank Kauffmann        
dancers, tour-guides, locomotion-sequence-instructors since 2015: Andrea Boll, Ivan Blagajcevic, Chris de Feyter, Diane Gemsch, Emilia Giudicelli, Berit Jentzsch, Jeanne Lehnherr, Dina Sennhauser, Debi Rush, Gabriel Mareque, Federica Normanno, Benji Sunrajo, Jenna Hendry  
Video & Foto: Peter Kadar 
Foto: Pierro Weber 

supported by: Kanton Zürich Fachstelle Kultur, Stanley Thomas Johnson Stiftung, Ernst Göhner Stiftung, Migros Kulturprozent, Stadt Zürich Kultur, Zürich tanzt,, crowdfunding    

Info & bookings: / A. Boll Tel. +41 76 772 29 12 / tanztotal / Nicole Friedmann / +41 76 439 70 50 

bollwerkproduction bollwerk lets arise pieces and initiatives which grapple with the zeitgeist and the changing society and reflect within the artistic practice. Since 2015 bollwerk explores the potential of site-specific dance. In nature, in the public space and in buildings Andrea Boll, along with fellow artists and companions, conceives and opens up new dance traces and designs a dance idiom that receives the environment, opposes it, reflects it, complements and enriches it. Interpretation patterns are revealed and changed by dance statements. 

« The body is used as a discursive operator and at the same time provides the basis for changes in identity constitution. » (Berthelot).